Anthony Kovalsky

Glen Ellyn, Illinois

The Author of:
-"I, Verses Thy Tongue"
-"Visions of the Untrained Eye" (located at another site)
-"Imaginary Ends" (located at another site)

I'm well versed in a multitude of artistic mediums and styles. I've dipped my hands in a little of everything from comic book drawing to grafitti art, portraits to still-lifes, abstracts to the strange and unsusual. I never limit myself to just one particular style, as I am a fan of many.

Whether it be photography, hand-drawn images, or poetic verses, I always try to express myself with art on a daily basis.

I am a humble, passionate artist. Sometimes I see myself as simply a person who enjoys life and loves to artistically convey that to the world.

I thank you kindly, for your time

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