Beth Stone

West Bloomfield, Michigan, USA

For me, beadwork is a puzzle with infinite solutions. My first love is seed bead work where I create tiny works of art combining tiny points of color using many different off-loom bead stitching techniques. I am completely self-taught and have learned more from my mistakes than from any book I could read. As I create, I let my hands, head and heart lead the way. I am the author of "Seed Bead Stitching: Creative Variations on Traditional Techniques" and "More Seed Bead Stitching." Both of these books were published by Kalmbach Books. I am excited to have done this book, "Bead, Play & Love" on my own (with lots of help from some very generous friends).

If I had to choose one favorite piece of my work I would choose the one I just finished.

I am thankful for my husband and daughters who have learned to "step over and around" the bead mess!