Robert Laidlaw


I have been doing Photography for many years up untill recently
I used my trusty old Nikon F Photomic with a large range of
Nikkor lenses and 35mm film ( which I still have ) to the Digital
age ..sticking with Nikon . My photography style and subject are
varied .. from traditional still life to off the wall wacky stuff using
multiple images to produce the end result. I believe 'it's the end
resulting image that counts and NOT how it was done' and that
titles for images are superfluous ... the image should speak for
it self. My collection of work include motor sport, steam engines,
landscape, abstract, architecture, building interiors, still life ,
boats, natural history (birds etc.), 3D-images now doing ART
VIDEO work put on DVD's.
I also do traditional ART ... Ink drawings, pencil, water colour,
pastel and oils.

The image speaks volumes !!!

Books by Robert Laidlaw