Bobby Boyer

North Carolina

I have always enjoyed drawing and painting the male human form. As a child, I was into drawing and painting landscapes, seascapes, floral, architecture etc.

The nude human form is a beauty in and of itself, however, being a gay male, I do happen to be partial to nude men as a focal point for subject matter in creating new drawings, paintings, pastels, photos, etc.

Often times I will take my art to a new level by converting the drawings or pastel paintings into a vintage look and feel.

Many of the paintings appearing within this book have the appearance of being old art pieces, as if newly found folded or discovered in some worn shoe box.

As well, A great many paintings in this book will give a possible illusion it's a photograph obscured behind, lets say, beveled glass shower door , to which, I will also show the actual art piece created by hand.

I have been successful in selling and promoting my art across the world via my website and other outlets.

Books by Bobby Boyer