Bobby Toman

Southold New York

I used to think my life was an open book, and it was to everyone except me. I was always the last to see my own foolishness, but it was always effortless to see other peoples flaws. Looking back at my growing years, I was always looking to fit in, looking for power, I didn’t know it at the time, but where there’s a void, It gets filled. The power came to me in the form of a lower power, never the less it was power and I ran with it. The problem with lower power is that it takes you lower, and the only doors that were opened were Jails, institutions and death, and that’s where the story of grace began for me. After many years of fallen through the cracks of life, the call for power was stronger than ever, this time the call was from the graceful spirit of God, calling me back to the quest of seeking power, this time toward a higher power, and the beautiful thing about a higher power is that it takes you higher. Isn't, that the way you always imagined God to be, a loving Father<3

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