Los Angeles

Beginning his photography career on the East Coast in New York & Boston in the early 1990’s, Giovanni Zelko now resides on the West Coast. Having studied film and english literature at Boston University and having worked in Hollywood on motion pictures for the past fifteen years, he has been able to develop a unique cinematic style in his approach to composition and lighting for his photography. His studies at Boston University of the Romantic Period of English Literature (Keats, Shelley, Byron, Coleridge, Wordsworth) led him to pursue poetry at a young age as a form of emotional expression concerning love. Interestingly juxtaposed in his book BODY OF POETRY, his poetry becomes a reflection of his photography, with each sentence of each poem representing a sliver of emotional time encapsulated in the flash of the pen alongside the click of a shutter. A beautiful harmony is thus created with poem and photograph unlike any other combination of image and text by a single artist.