Bojan Brecelj

Ljubljana, Slovenia

Bojan Brecelj . PHOTOGRAPHER

CV- January 2012 -Short
1.) Bojan Brecelj: Active in Visual Communications
/born 1953 in Ljubljana Slovenia, currently living in Slovenia on two locations >Ljubljana and Sečovlje/
Worked in different fields of visual communication - graphic design, stage design, multi-vision projects, video production, conceptual work, but mainly p h o t o g r a p h y: documentary and experimental work.
In the field of documentary photography, my focus-themes are (natural) environment, sustainable development and changes in society, in terms of acknowledging positive aspects of problems and seeking possible solutions.

From 1988 to 2002 I was working full time as a free lance photojournalist for different magazines worldwide, directly or in collaboration with agencies. Out of many agencies that I collaborated with (Gamma,Still Pictures, Visum, Saola, Grazia Neri, Corbis, etc.),Sygma (1995-2001) was the longest and very fruitful relation for many features we produced

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