Katie Franklin


I come from a small town in upstate New York where I never had much adventure but I wrote about adventures, making wonderful characters who went out and saw the world for what it was. Then one day I woke up and had this desire to just go places all over the world. I went to London, I went to Canada, and then I went to Hawaii. I was trying to find something to fulfill me. I can still romanticize about the streets of London, The Niagara Falls of Canada, and the warm and sensual beaches of Hawaii. Then when I realized the one thing I was searching for was love, I took my pen to paper. I began to write about the love i felt while walking the streets of London and what made it so intoxicating, the emotions, the people. I wanted to be able to understand and live in the moment that one of my potential characters would, so it would be more real and moving.

Books by Katie Franklin