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Craig Bowley
Blurbarian Since May 2007
Name Craig Bowley
Location NYC, NY
Gender Male
My Occupation Theatre: consultant, manager, Producer
My Bio Graduate degrees in theatre history & drama from Indiana University (Oscar Brockett advisor). Actor, producer, director. HBO Director of Theatre Development 1980-1990, Executive director of Manhattan Punchline Theatre, NYC. Producer of film & TV documentaries on John Wayne Gacy with Special Agent Robert K. Ressler & Elizabeth Hager. Author - publisher THEY CALL HIM MR GACY, A QUESTION OF DOUBT by Gacy. I contributed to Time/Life True Crime series and various magazine articles. Research for Bob Ressler's books WHOEVER FIGHTS MONSTERS & I HAVE LIVED IN THE MONSTER.
Currently consultant and manager for the Shubert Theatre Organization, NYC.

Books by this author

Things I Don't Mind The World Knowing

Spoiler alert: I'm thinking my next book will be about...
Fun Vintage photos of boys & young men at camp, the beach, boy scouting, playing sports & and being silly. Vintage photos 1850-1950.
Future editions will include brief, general interest comments by Gore Vidal, Stephen Sondheim, Christopher Bram, John Rechy, Dr. Richard Isay, Germaine Greer ,Dr. Rob Urbinati (editor), et al, and period quotes by Walt Whitman, Horation Alger Jr, Edwin Arlington Robinson, Thomas Eakins, Bram Stoker, JM Barrie, Alfred C. Kinsey, et al

Jacob Richard, photo editor
Everyone needs to know about these authors and artists...
Over the past four years I have gathered over 7000 vintage photos, tintypes, snap shots, et al, many by purchase but generously augmented by friends, photographers, librarians and yard sales. This first edition is eclectic: future editions will concentrate on the Boy Scouts, YMCA's,
Boys' Summer Camps, et al. The next edition will include only tintypes.