Gardens By Brendan


Brendan the Garden Artist, from Dublin, Ireland, a resident of Naples, Florida, designs gardens, writes and lectures internationally. Design philosophies focus on alternative choices for the environment, each design having a low environmental impact through sustainable materials, buying locally, advocating Fair Trade, and using conservative measures of watering, with a focus on low maintenance planning, design and maintenance.

Every garden space is designed to be one of uncommon quality and character, as Nature's elements are artistically incorporated into the landscape, resulting in a functionally aesthetic improvement to the property. Our aim is to dissolve boundaries. We strive to dissolve the boundaries between the outdoor room and the interior living space, seamlessly blending home with garden. We challenge the boundaries of imaginations, as our creative spirit has no limit. Finally, we dissolve the boundaries of design rules, as we push design limitations.

Areas of Expertise

Garden Design. Landscape Design. Botany. Landscape construction practices, project management, specification writing, cost analysis. Environmental awareness relative to garden design and maintenance. Waterfall design, construction. Various garden styles.

Books by Gardens By Brendan