I'm a teacher from the Heart of Dixie, but this shouldn't really be about me, as the only book I've published here was a story my niece made up one day. I just wrote her words down on paper and drew some pictures to go with them. She's the real mad genius, here, and she is awesome-sauce. She was three years old when she told me the "Pirate Girl & Dragon" story over the phone, and writing it down as she told it was one of the decisions in my life of which I'm most proud. Otherwise, it would've been funny and intriguing while it was happening, laughed about among family members for a week or two, then lost to the turn of the times.

As hers is quite possibly my very favorite children's story of all time, I'm so glad I wrote it down. I realize I'm biased, but I also know a great story when I read it - and this is a great story. I hope she'll enjoy the book as much as I've enjoyed illustrating it and bringing it to life on

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