Keith Adams

Los Angeles, CA, USA

How to summarize yourself in 1,000 characters. Well, if I hadn’t written that sentence, I’d be better off. Rapidly, I’m 6'6, English, have lived in US for half my life, and have a beautiful, brilliant man in my life these last 5 years in Hollywood.

I’m a software-developer by trade, and discovered, accidentally that I also liked to take photo, when I was enjoying the 1st fruits of my gay webcam in the late 90s. Having nobody else handy, I turned the camera on myself, and, 10 years later, I’m left with shelves of self-portraits gathering digital dust; hence this book. In the last 5 years, I’ve broadened my focus to take in art, pretty flowers, and handsome semi-clothed, young gentleman.

Wow! Seem to get through that quicker than expected – just 712 chars. Not counting this para. I should add, that words mean as much to me, if not more, than photos: I’m hoping to have my book published about the shocking, and exciting things that happened to me in 2006. Now that’s the real story!

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