Digital Labrador

Kansas City, Mo

Why the name ‘Digital Labrador’? Our founders started the company as a digital lab, but since they both own labrador retriever dogs, they decided to make a play on the word ‘lab’ — a place to process & print digital images, as well as a place to meet our official mascot, Beau the chocolate labrador. Beau, and now our newest dogs, Mollie & Ping represent the qualities we hope to exude here at Digital Labrador: happy to see you, loyal, trusting, playful, energetic, and with a leg up on the competition!

Areas of Expertise

Digital Labrador is the Midwest’s one-stop center for digital photography, fine art reproduction, Canon & Hasselblad cameras and Apple computer products. We also teach digital photography classes and organize photo trips to places near and far.

Books by Digital Labrador