Brandon Aviram

New York, New York, USA

Intrigued by the ease and elegance of natural human expression, Brandon Taelor Aviram captures the essence of the unique individualities behind his subjects. His fascination with the subjects he photographs is effortlessly depicted in his works, truly expressing his appreciation for what is graceful and beautiful. The relations between Aviram and who or what appears before his lens is intimate and personable due to his understanding of his subjects’ defining characteristics and personalities. He manages to reach and affect his audience on an emotional level, relating these human personal qualities directly back to the viewer. There is a dreamlike, yet realistic spirit within the photographs consisting of soft contours and vintage colors, causing the photo to essentially come to life. Influenced by this tangible energy and his environment, Brandon Aviram has mastered his art, stylistically and creatively, allowing him to further explore the unknown aspects of fine photography.

Books by Brandon Aviram