Beyond the Trees, LLC

Cincinnati, OH

Beyond the Trees is a personal history business that helps people go beyond the facts and figures of their family tree to tell the stories of their lives. We create oral histories, collaborative tribute books for milestone events, anthologies, memoirs, and cookbooks. The principals of Beyond the Trees are writers, personal history buffs and curious, caring individuals. Kristi Woodworth has an M.B.A. in Marketing and 20 years of experience as a marketing research professional. Jennifer Sauers has a psychiatric nursing background and has worked as a clinical research project manager and technical writer. Both are enthusiastic about helping individuals and groups produce high-quality books.

Areas of Expertise

With five years of experience, we are experts at turning content (text, ideas, photos, memorabilia) into fabulous books. We provide scanning, editing, and related bookmaking services as needed. Beyond the Trees has worked with dozens of individuals and organizations to produce lasting tributes and other self-published books. Please contact us at or the phone number above if you would like to discuss your book idea - we will be happy to put our experience to work for you.

Professional Affiliations

Association of Personal Historians
Accredited by the Better Business Bureau
National Association of Memoir Writers

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