RTC Inc. dba Reaching the Children

Hartford, SD

The BURNNIE Show, one rabbit puppet and a live cast, is a children's television series about BURNNIE T. Bunnie, magic shop employee, learning a new character building lesson each episode through hare-larious adventures. Kids will fall in love with puppet and magic shop worker BURNNIE as he humorously navigates growing up in Christ. Each episode is "lightly seasoned" with a faith based message. The faith based inclusion is interdenominational using a Bible verse as the basis of the character building message.

Episodes progress from the TREGGLLUSIONS Magic Shop, to the Christy Creams Ice Cream Parlor, and to a variety of interesting locations filmed at businesses, museums, attractions, etc. throughout the U.S. as the story line indicates. Episode returns to the magic shop and the TREGGLLUSIONS auditorium where a live audience of children enjoy a grand illusion performed by Steve and Faith TREGGLLUSIONS.

Areas of Expertise

Television Production
Final Cut Pro Editing
Public School Teacher 25 years
Live Performance Children's Audience
Radio Production
Screenplay writer

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