Linda Aliotta

Teasdale, Utah

Putting together books and websites has become another fun project for me to do at home. I've done 8 books now using this great print-on-demand site, Blurb.
The first book was done in memory of The High Country Quilters showing all the quilts done for Charity, Auction and the wonderful Quilt Show we used to have every year before the group disbanded. Look up A Season of Quilts.
I have now put together 5 books for two wonderful artists, a painter and a sculptor. Look up Silvia L. Davis and Paul Davis, two local artists here in Teasdale, to see the portfolio books of their beautiful work.
I've also put together two books for my niece, Keira. She wrote and illustrated two children's books that are so delightful and insightful. Look up Keira Jane Brill to see previews of them both.
Dec. 2016: Just finished a big 120 page book of photos for my husband and friends of the many dirt bike rides they have experienced over the last 20 years. Lots of great memories for them!
Thanks Blurb!

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