BW Grinnell

London, England

I was born on the West Coast of the United States, grew up on its East Coast, and am lucky to have been to many places in between. I was schooled in New England, have worked in our nation’s capital, and currently live in the capital city of Old England.

In addition to photography, I love being with family and friends. You know who you are. I also enjoy the company of dogs. Two in particular. One (my Sancho Panza), a completely lovable and loyal litter runt of unquestionable decency. The other, an independent and scrappy mutt of ambiguous breed and dubious origin who braved the storms of Katrina and lived to bark about it.

One day when I settle down, I’d like to renovate a barn near a large salty body of tidal water, buy an old hotel with a fancy lobby, build a raft and float it (successfully) down the Mississippi, and ride a horse across America, camera in hand.

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