Maria Carolina Cruz Moreno

London, England

Maria Carolina Cruz is a British-Colombian writer and Director of her own publishing Company in England Planet Alice Productions ltd. A former petroleum engineer (British Petroleum Company and Shell International) she worked in the oil fields of Texas, Colombia and the North Sea of the United Kingdom, before working as a business and performance improvement analyst in the UK and the Netherlands. After 17 years involved in the Oil Industry and Academia, Maria Carolina chose to become a writer. She lives in London with her American husband, writer and oil business man, Ralph W. King.

Maria Carolina has published:
The Adventures of Camila in the Oil World.
A conversation with Socrates -The Adventures of Waldorf in New York City-.
I was made in England -The adventures of an immigrant bear-.
The Adventures of Cheeks and C in the Fashion World.
Plush toys stuffed with angels.

Books by Maria Carolina Cruz Moreno