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Rhonda Campbell
Blurbarian Since April 2008
Name Rhonda Campbell
My Web Site http://irhonda.zenfolio.com
Location Lincoln, California, USA
Gender Female
My Occupation Artist - Photographer
My Bio Rhonda Campbell began creating art in Europe, studying the old master’s methods; oil paint, acrylic, pastel, watercolor, ink or printmaking. What does this have to do with Photography? When Rhonda picked up a camera it became another “tool of the trade”, Just painting was too restrictive. In the early 90’s she discovered a way to combine all of her passions through a device called the computer. She combines her traditional tools with photography; the digital world of electronic brushes.
Some of her art is pure photography, while others are mixed media. She combines the old traditional tools (be it painting or photography) with the modern day electronic tools.
Rhonda has worked as a curator, graphic art director and taught traditional art and computer art. She has had one person art show, one numerous awards and exhibited in galleries like Ansel Adams Opts Gallery in San Francisco. She has been published in magazines, newspapers and books.
Rhonda has a degree in art and photography.

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