Caroline Banz

Toronto, Canada

The world was my oyster. I have lived in Africa, Europe and Southeast Asia, doing my bit to save small corners of the planet and the people living therein. But after living in active war zones for 5 years, working with the International Committee of the Red Cross, I finally returned to my favourite corner of this planet, Canada. Getting shot at is fun the first couple of times it happens - it makes a great bar story.... but like everything else, it soon loses its allure. As in "Damn, that was close... time to go home now."

I still love to visit far away places - as far off the beaten track as I can get and still get home with my skin intact. I try to do a trip each year, sometimes 2. My books are a place to park my photos, because honestly, what else am I going to do with them?

Books by Caroline Banz