Christine Beattie


Christine Beattie is a happily married mother of two, living and writing in Buenos Aires (see http://hankybankyexpat.blogspot.com). A native Australian who has travelled the world, the "Grandpa Ken" series of stories are based on her adventurous father.

About the artists: Grandpa Ken the Crocodile Catcher:
Artist Janno McLaughlin grew up in the outback of Australia and went on to study nursing, adventure leadership and fine art at RMIT (Melbourne). Since graduating Janno has spent the past 14 years living and working between New York, Melbourne and Buenos Aires where she is currently based with her husband and three boys. Her artwork can be seen on www.janno.net

Grandpa Ken and the Serpent of Scotland:
A traditionally trained artist, Paul Scott Canavan graduated from Dundee University with an Honours Degree in Animation in 2007. Since then he has been striving towards fulfilling his lifelong ambition of working as a concept artist in the games industry.

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