Kazunori Nagashima

Yokohama, Japan,

Born in Yokohama,1971.
Turned to a professional photographer in 2004 after being a scene carpenter at Kabuki-za theater.
Participated Yokohama Portfolio Review in 2010, and contracted as a contributor with Gettyimages in 2010.
Published "pay you back later" in 2010, "an oval day" in 2013.
Presented "Binding Image" : in Amsterdam, 2014, and "G Book Show" in Brighton England, 2014.
Graphis Photography Annual 2016 "Gold".
IPA Honorable Mention 2009-2015
PX3 Honorable Mention 2015

shooting project :

“the extraction of 5streets in Tokyo” 2004.
”pay you back later” 2010.
“the trees underground” 2012.
“an oval day” 2013.
“the colored gravity” 2013.
“the surface of dimensions I” 2014.
“the surface of dimensions II” 2015.
"slice of a life" 2015
"1080 degrees" 2015
"soliloquy" 2016


Books by Kazunori Nagashima