Cullen Dalheim

Dallas, TX, U.S.A.

My name is Cullen Dalheim, and I am a designer specializing in residential architecture + design. My experiences and passions include a broad scope of design, specifically architectural design, graphic design, web design, with a special interest in photography. My education and professional experience the last 10+ years has been in commercial architecture + design, but my fondness over residential architecture’s scale and the relationships it provides with clients has drawn me to start my own practice.
My [architectural] design approach is centered around timeless materials, light-filled open spaces that connect the inside design with the outside environment, that display clean lines with modern aesthetics. With careful respect to the existing conditions or context, I provide innovative solutions that meet each individual client’s needs and design preferences.
My [graphic] design approach mirrors my architectural approach. I favor modern, clean layouts with colorfull, bold graphics.

Books by Cullen Dalheim