C. Daniel Madison


I'm an engineer by trade with a passion for creative design: It's a left brain/right brain thing. I worked for 25 years in the aerospace and medical imaging industries. I’ve also done web design, graphic illustration, been a political blogger and am well traveled having spent nearly ten years of my adult life living and working in Europe. I was raised as a military brat and during my dad's career, enjoyed living on the West Coast, the Southwest and Pacific Northwest. I joined the USAF myself in 1970 and was stationed in Germany. After my discharge, I continued to work in Europe until 1982.
Since my return to the States, I've lived in most states from New England to all across the South. Unwilling to deal with the cold northern winters, I finally settled in Florida. I completed my working years in retail grocery moving through the food chain ranks from manager all the way up to stock boy - and yes, that's typed correctly. Read the full profile on my website,