Charlotte Dreams

Pacific Northwest

Charlotte Dreams was born and raised in Phoenix, AZ.
Growing up in the Valley of the Sun, she first discovered her talent for the expressive art form of Photography when she spontaneously took a darkroom course in high school. Almost instantly, a love was born, and a profound, natural talent emerged. She then began carrying her Pentax K100 SLR camera everywhere she went, developing black and white prints, and capturing the timeless beauty of both her human subjects and the Sonora desert. In her early 20's, Charlotte immersed herself into the world of self-taught Graphic Design. With this union of special effects, and her dreamlike images, she was able elevate her work to new heights, moving into the imaginative realm of fantasy. Charlotte paints poetry with her pictures and inspires the best we have inside to peek out from within our waiting places. When beheld through her eyes, she finds in each of us the beauty we never knew existed.

Books by Charlotte Dreams