Celeste Dias Fonseca


Discouraged, since early age, to do painting, she never gave up her dream and at the age of 29 she thought “it is now or never.” And because of her busy career as a Medical Assistant, she found International Correspondence School to be her only choice to put hands on her lifelong dream.
1988 Receives the Diploma of the Study Course “Master Art” from the International Correspondence School, and was able to put hands on one of her lifelong dream. She has applied herself to art since then, a par from her health career.
1996 She returned to her Homeland, Portugal, where she dedicated most of her time to painting, where she has done private art shows and has also collaborated in various Art Expositions till her mother became dependent on her. Taking care of her elderly mother for 14 years, she still dedicated the time she could to Art.
Now in 2011 - “ARTE um dos meus passatempos” is her newest book release - a Portuguese Edition of “Art one of my pastimes"

Books by Celeste Dias Fonseca