Daniel de Jesús

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States of America

Daniel de Jesús grew up in the inner city of Philadelphia, surrounded by a community of multiethnic riches. Another reality was the drug culture that permeated around many corners of the Urban Philadelphia community. Daniel’s parents kept their children safely encased in the house and limited their outdoor playtime, or would take Daniel and his siblings to the parks in better neighborhoods. In turn Daniel gained an extreme imagination by creating his own imaginary worlds fueled by television, Manga, Anime, religion, fairy tales, and the mysticism of the local Santeros in his neighborhood. Daniel worked for 5.5 years at the Taller Puertorriqueño, a non profit arts organization dedicated to the enrichment of the Latino community through the arts and education. Daniel de Jesús is also an accomplished cellist/composer, and singer who currently performs with his own band "TivaTiva" and the Chamber Rock ensemble "Rasputina."


Books by Daniel de Jesús