William Mulholland

Falkirk, Scotland

i am married and a father of a teenage bhoy, a Celtic supporter for more than 40 years and season ticket holder who went to seville in 2003.

my own badge collection started over 15 years ago and he has over 1000 CSC badges and many more ordinary match vendor celtic badges.

There's too many celtic ordinary badges to scan and record so all the effort and concentration goes into the CSC badge side of the hobby.

www.cscbadges.co.uk was started many years ago to assist collectors in obtaining, recording and displaying the growing hobby of collecting CSC badges.

I now run a dedicated web chat forum with a membership of 50 plus collectors, registration is free and open to all Celtic badge collectors.

www.cscbadges.com (forum)
www.cscbadges.co.uk (website)

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