caturegli formica

Milano, Italia

Giovannella Formica and Beppe Caturegli share a background in the cultural atmosphere of the Radical Architecture movement in Florence. After taking architecture degrees in 1982, they moved to Milan to begin a long, intense working relationship with Ettore Sottsass, the Memphis group and the magazine Terrazzo. In 1987 they opened a studio together. One aspect of their research, honored with many international prizes and publications, is the structural use of color and light in architecture. Caturegli and Formica focus on three research themes: serendipity–the full poetic independence of the designer, proceeding by means of discoveries that apparently come by chance; the ontological workshop–the attempt to replace the aesthetic of form with the logic of meaning; and the sensorial swing–a state of particular awareness that comes from the composition of the wavering motion between two opposite signals: background-object, constancy-inconstancy, equal-different…

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