Cedric Favero

Geneva, Switzerland

The empirical eye of the Swiss photographer Cedric Favero has toured several countries in Latin America, Africa and Asia to capture everyday life and the wild, that of humans and animals, faces and landscapes.

His lens records with careful sensitivity issues that obsess him: travel, animals, street and human life routines, fashion and portraits, so it is not free that you find in one of his pictures a beautiful model looking like a fearsome lion, while on an another you find an elephant as the most careful of mothers.

His portfolio is diverse, as his travels: Buddhist temples in Cambodia, parades of zebras in Kenya, a sleepy cat in Thailand, a rice plantation in Laos, King penguins of Antarctica and the stillness of buildings in colonial Quito stuck in time. All this fits in Cedric’s camera.

He currently lives in Pretoria from where he often travels to various countries of Africa whose life, architecture, people and contrasts he records on his camera.

Books by Cedric Favero