Cheryl Rau


Cheryl Rau is a mid-life emerging artist. Since 2010, her images have been selected for numerous regional, national, and international juried exhibitions. Cheryl discovered her passion for photography in her 40s when she purchased her first SLR camera. She explored a wide range of subjects and genres including scenic landscape, architectural, and documentary photography. In addition to shooting conventional images, she was increasingly drawn to producing abstract fine art images. While recovering from eye surgery and adapting to life with altered vision, she began to experiment with digital art forms in 2013. A graduate of the photography program at the Salt Institute for Documentary Studies (Portland, ME), Cheryl earned a bachelor of arts in Journalism & Communications from Point Park College (Pittsburgh, PA). Originally from Pennsylvania, Cheryl lived in the Washington, DC area for 15 years prior to relocating to the Maine coast.

Books by Cheryl Rau