Gábor Matyasi

Budapest, HUNGARY

I became involved in photography in the spring of 2004.
In this book I would like to present the work of my past 5 years.
My work has been determined by certain basic principles since the first photos.
First and foremost, the pictures have never been digitally manipulated. Each and every object and property is real, handmade and prepared by myself.
Secondly, I try to take photos that nobody else has taken before me.
In the real world this is hard to accomplish, and it is very time and technique consuming, so I created a world of my own. A strange world, usually absurd, surrealistic, startling and sometimes very beautiful.
To find this world I don't have to travel far and search for a long time, for it is all in my head.

It takes weeks to chisel the idea and construct the objects - I find this just as exciting as a long journey.

Beware! Digitally NON-MANIPULATED photos!


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