Marina and Christi

Shelton, WA 98584

My genius pal Marina and i met at support group meeting 2 yrs ago for former runway models/superheroes, there was an instant bond! She was born and raised in Bremerton, Wa. and spent years working the catwalks by day and fighting the forces of evil by night. This left her with vertigo, weak ankles, and an acquired allergy to spandex unitards. I could sympathize. Although I was a VA/NJ/CA/WA transplant, I too had lived the double life of haute couture and crime fighting- small world! Sadly, at a spring show in Milan, I took a nasty fall off a pair of platforms and was rushed to the hospital. Despite doctors best efforts, I was declared terminally unphotogenic and had to retire. We now have taken on the role of wives and moms. With designer clothes far behind us, we have joined the legions of moms who don't know a thing about yoga, but own 16 pairs of the pants! We may no longer be "super", but if evil rears it's ugly head, it will be swiftly pre-treated, bleached and crisply pressed!

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