Kevin Peshkepia

Silver Spring, Maryland, United States

Kevin “Chopper” Peshkepia was born and raised in Detroit Michigan. He is a first-generation American; product of an Albanian father and an American mother of German-Irish descent. Chopper attended the University Of Michigan. He graduated with a bachelor’s degree in English Literature in 1991.

A competitive swimmer from the age of 7, Chopper earned his nickname from the lifeguards at the local pool who teased him about his swimming stroke.

Inspired and supported by his wife Shannon, Chopper made a leap of faith in September 2008 and committed himself to painting full-time. “My wife is an interior designer and LOVES her job. She inspired me to do what I love and damn the torpedoes!”

Today Chopper lives in Silver Spring, Maryland with his wife and their two Jack Russell Terriers.

Books by Kevin Peshkepia