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Chris Baker
Blurbarian Since September 2011
Name Chris Baker
Location Idaho Falls, ID
Gender Male
My Occupation Entrepreneur
My Bio In 2012 I gladly resigned from the Federal Government. I tried to make changes where I could but they were just not within the Governments will to think outside of policies and procedures. After 11 years of service I decided that the reduced budgets and offer of a separations package I would leave to pursue my own interests. My severance was extremely small and it would have been better to stay in, but I was tired of the congressional leaders unwillingness to make real changes in our country. I chose to be broke and poor and try my hand in developing my own visions into reality.

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Things I Don't Mind The World Knowing

Spoiler alert: I'm thinking my next book will be about...
My next book will be about my 16 month challenge fighting for my kids in the Idaho judicial system. My kids live two blocks away and I can only see them every two weeks. I somehow became a criminal for being a dad.