Campbell Hutchinson

New Orleans, LA

A former lawyer now pursuing a career in fine art, I am an expressionist painter trying to capture the spirit of my subject, be it man, animal or place. Since 2008 I have written, illustrated and published eight books of my animal paintings and limericks about each painting. The general theme of my books is that we are blessed in America with the an abundance of wild and domestic animals and natural environments they inhabit, and that we should show our appreciation by protecting them and restoring their natural habitats.

A ninth book, "This is Our Land," written and published in 2014, was markedly different in that the emphasis is on the land and wilderness, and all my paintings included in the book are landscapes. Accompanying each painting is a quote from a noted writer, poet, naturalist or environmentalist about the value of our wilderness and its preservation for generations to come.

Books by Campbell Hutchinson