About the Author

Cerj Lalonde
Blurbarian Since May 2009
Name Cerj Lalonde
My Web Site www.CerjLalonde.com
Location Miami, Florida, 33168, USA
Gender Male
My Occupation Artist
My Bio "Cerj Lalonde is an artist-philosopher. His paintings are created from intellectual concepts filtered through a flow of sensuality...
Since I used to see him frequently and followed his work closely, I must say his artistic technique and recent artistic production is an intensification of the visual concepts he has initially developed....
Cerj Lalonde plays on several fields. He creates paintings of all formats reaching monumental proportions (26 feet x 17 feet). Then he uses all the latest data processing techniques to produce digital images, videos, and sounds used in his installations. Finally, and undoubtedly due to his training in psychology and anthropology, he completes many of his works by adding words or short texts evoking the observer’s conscience...
Lalonde’s art lives according to its own rules...
This creative and conceptual originality of the artist provides for him a special place in the world of abstraction of our time."

Leo Rosshandler ICOM, AICA.

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