Cerj Lalonde

Miami, Florida, 33168, USA

"Cerj Lalonde moves smoothly from the canvas to the camera, from computers to installations, producing and showcasing an extraordinarily rich and complex body of work created during the last 30 years. His purpose is to pursue a direct, and, in each case, a different communication with the spectator.

It can be said that Lalonde works as a team with himself, not only to develop his artwork, but also to sharpen his personal ideas about contemporary culture, trends... Lalonde is dedicating a lot of time, energy and thought into his new media and technology project structure, where he can directly address his issues...

His paintings, installations, photographs and projects, are intended to function each in its own way, as an overt revision and critique of the contemporary art system, as they establish parallel dialogues between the artist, the public, and the curatorial values...."

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