Jose Claudio Jr.


Jose Antonio Claudio Jr., born in 1985, Bayamon, Puerto Rico. I went to the Segunda Unidad Adelaida Vega School in 6th grade. In my Spanish class my teacher told us to write a story and I wrote a story about a drunk man who lost his house and family because of his drinking problem and my teacher found that story very brilliant for a kid of my age and she gave me a diploma of recognition, that felt so good that I decided to keep writing.

In high school I decided to take a Spanish class because I was living in Corpus Christi, Texas, and my first language is Spanish, there I went to Richard King High School where the teacher told us a story and wanted us to make up an end and I did it. This teacher also found my end of the story a good end and told me that I should write. I said in my mind, “I know and I will”. I go to the University of Phoenix making my degree in Science in Business Management. This is one of my books, I wrote seven books already.