Celieta J. Leifeste


I love God's creation. I began taking pictures when I was very young. We would travel to Colorado in the summer and I always had pictures. It has been a hobby until my child graduated from high school. Her friends wanted senior portraits and thus began my sideline business of photography. Creation Photography - Created by God--Captured by CJ. My husband and I travel so there are many pictures of where we have been. People make fun of me because I take so many picutres. But, I want to capture the moments and make them into lifetime memories. I also take many, many nature pictures. God is so cool. This earth He created is awesome and so much beauty. How can you look at the beauty in the world and not believe in God? I hope you enjoy the beauty I have tried to capture. (The photograph can never seem to capture the real thing, but I do my best. It is hard to duplicate the Master.)

Books by Celieta J. Leifeste