Dr Cynthia Miller


Dr. Cynthia Miller is a Life Sylte Coach and change agent. She loves helping people connect to their essence, release their gifts and creativity, and so they can live their wildest dreams! She helps people reinvent their lives and helps them create a business that hasn’t existed before.
Live your life as art!

Dr. Cynthia Miller is a pioneer and groundbreaker in the fields of cellular transformation and deep transformative change. Her expertise merges body, mind and spirit for powerful outcomes. She is a catalyst for people who want greater inner peace with more self-expression and unwavering joy. 

She is also an adventurer, world traveler, artist, writer, and photographer. Her background is varied and steeped in an innate love of nature, beauty and art. Her exploration of art triggered an investigation into the process of change. This led to a Ph.D. in the Psychology of Change and Cellular Transformation in 1985.

Books by Dr Cynthia Miller