Pam Murphy

Vancouver, BC Canada

We enjoy traveling - going to "exotic" places and trying new things - so I decided that it was much cheaper and easier to just do a book about our traveling experiences rather than a photo album or scap-booking. And I have our 2010 Hawaii trip to thank for this. There was just too much that had happened that it could not be conveyed in pictures alone so I decided to write about the whole trip....starting with the blown tires during take off to the and the next 8 hours spent in VYR (we missed our connecting flight and trying to deal with the car rental company was a nightmare) to the fun trying to get off Kona (it took 2 planes) and back to Ohau at the end of the first week.
To date I have published 13 books through Blurb and find it wonderful to use. But I am sure this is only the beginning as there is so much more to see and do.....

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