Marc Claes

Kapllen - Antwerp - Belgium

I am an amateur photographer who always try to have an eye for details. I like to share my pictures with everyone who appreciates my albums.

My interest for graphic elements emerges in my work. It is also about composition, being conscious of colors and materials of both organic and human life, of presence as well as absence, of the said and the unsaid.
I try to be an artist who captures the untamed, fragile and luminous moments. And try to find the place that will serve as a background and that has the color of fleeting interpretation and the passage of time.

I like to experience the joy, the comfort, the warmth and brightness of a surprise. It is not just about the total scenery, but about searching for details. It simply comes from within the heart; everything is about tenderness, humor, mood and that one special moment.
I only make a copy of what I notice at that moment.

Marc Claes

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