Craig MackIntosh

Portland Oregon

Craig MackIntosh was born in Ronnie's Roaring 80's. He carries a pen and a sketchbook and a pocket knife but not a 'device'. He thinks he's special. He says, "I'm only idle whilst in traffic or subjected to common-folk at clubs." He is lost amongst the mass because, "The collective is following a misguiding moral compass." He hopes for better. He cares a great deal and is sensitive to the apathy that the advertisers, marketeers, and capitalists have inflicted on their subjects. He doesn't work for the man.

He's at work on a few new projects and some older projects. That goes double when newer projects arise and when older projects get held up. He says, "There just isn't enough time to do all that I have to do. I like the way I'm not wasting my life."

MackIntosh is working on children books at the moment. Then he'll go rock climbing. Then he'll spend eight months designing and building things. And repeat that in some various way.

Books by Craig MackIntosh