Carl Brattin

Colorado Springs, CO, USA

Older than dirt. Even as a pup I was fascinated by the 'art world', especially water color paintings, but soon realized that what I wanted to capture was too 'fleeting' so moving to cameras was my salvation. Years of doing free lance, commercial, model portfolio & newspaper photography provided lots of experience, some internationally published photos & a few awards as well. (As my friend, Peter Gowland (RIP) stated, "The problem with awards is, that, "ya can't eat'em or spend'em.") That said; I'll admit that the 'need to create' is paramount. Accolades are just icing on the cake. Producing photos similar to the classic 'September Morn' painting was, & still is, my dream. The 'LOOKIN UP' book seemed like a fun project and I spent a couple of years putting it together. Hope you enjoy the photos AND the 'challenge of the hunt'.

Books by Carl Brattin