Crystal Miller

Houston, Texas

Hello. My name is Crystal Miller. I am a 32 year old mother of one amazing little boy and the lucky wife of one amazing man.

I have struggled throughout my life with many health problems from mild to very serious and I was watching the same health issues arise in my son. It was heartbreaking. Finally, after years of suffering, I stumbled across an article that made me realize that genetics were not to blame. It was malnourishment.

I became obsessed with learning about nutrition, biology and physiology. I conducted hundreds of hours of research, reading and experimenting with the advice of numerous experts. And here I am. Forever transformed. Healthy, happy and wanting to spread the information I have learned.

At the request of my friends and family, and the desire to tell all who will listen, I have written an un-biased, nutrition-focused book. A book focused on facts, readable in an hour and designed for immediate implementation.

Are you malnourished? I didn't think I was either.

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