'Crowdog' is Victorian & Nouveau inspired art by Jessica Paige Greig. My inspiration comes from our bond with dogs, birds & nature. Drawing on my own life experiences, these subjects are combined in hand drawn pictures made from a technique called 'stippling'. This technique gives the grainy feel of old Victorian photographs, something that I adore in vintage photos, while Nouveau gives it a decorative appearance. One piece of work is constructed by millions of tiny dots, taking weeks to complete.

My background is in modern conceptual art & I have exhibited nationally & internationally. As a conceptual artist, my artwork was not understood or enjoyed by many, as often conceptual art comes across as though it is shrouded in mystery, because of its complexity & symbolism. As an artist I also wanted to make art that everyone could enjoy, that everyone could relate to, because art is also about sharing & beauty, this is why I created 'Crowdog'

Areas of Expertise

Drawing, fine art, sculpture, currently teaching myself painting & photography

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