Martha Davis

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

In the 70s and 80s I made independent films with government grants and had various exhibitions of my still photography. In 1990 I got my teaching certificate, and shared my love of these art forms with my students for about 15 years. In 2007, when my daughter was six, she collaborated with me on writing and photographing my first book with Blurb, "The Maples on the Move" and its sequel, "The Maples Mix 'em Up" in 2010. These books are about the misadventures of a large family of small dolls. In 2011 I started to collaborate with my primary classes on making books together. We've made 7 books now. It's a great motivator and community builder for them. 1n 2013 I won the Elementary Teacher's Federation of Ontario's Writer's Award. In 2015 I finished my TROLLOGY, 3 books about Trevor Troll, who faces discrimination and prejudice at every turn. I sold these at "The Word on the Street" book fair at Harbourfront in the fall.

Books by Martha Davis