Cathy Sveen

Hinton Alberta Canada

Cathy Sveen lives in Hinton Alberta. A wonderful community of 10,000 people in the foothills of the Rocky mountains near Jasper National Park in Alberta.

She was born in Barrhead Alberta, a small community northwest of Edmonton. Her passion for being in nature was fueled by being part of an adventuresome family.

She has fond memories of the frequent camping trips she took with her family as a child to Jasper National Park, as well as, listening to the loons, and watching the great blue herons at Thunder Lake where the family had a cabin.

Cathy believes that nature is a great healer and has much to teach us.

She moved from Edmonton to Hinton to learn how to breathe and to be one with nature. She has a consulting business in conflict management and is working on finding balance in her life.

Books by Cathy Sveen