Cliff Tulpa

Amazon Jungle, Peru

Cliff Tulpa is the Producer and Host of the Award Winning television series, Cliff's Wild Outdoor Adventures.
Professional hunter, explorer and adventurer, Cliff travels to the remote areas of the world in pursuit of big game animals.
Hunting and filming internationally on all continents since 1991, Cliff has been producing the television series since 2003. Over the years, Cliff has hunted most of the legally available big game species on earth.

To Cliff, the hunt is not the end of the journey, but rather a means to discover and experience the different places, wild animals and the native people with their cultures, traditions, food and customs that he encounters on these travels.

Now for the last 4 years, Cliff has been deep in the Amazon Jungle. Living with the native indigenous people in their traditions and hunter-gathering lifestyle, Cliff is experiencing and preparing for new episodes of Wild Outdoor Adventures.

Books by Cliff Tulpa